IET starts posting service, outage notices on Twitter

Information and Educational Technology now posts computing network service notices--including outage alerts--at a new Twitter account, UCDavisStatus.

The account distributes all notices posted to the Campus Network and Service Status website. It will prove especially useful when outages prevent service alerts by email, or block access to the status site itself.

Who's UCDavisStatus for? Anyone who routinely tracks the operating status of campus computing systems and networks might want to follow the account on Twitter. Everyone else just needs to know the Twitter account exists and they can check it when they need to, like having a flashlight handy when a storm knocks out the electricity.

The Campus Network and Service Status website tracks the condition of critical campus systems and the campus network, ranging from email and SmartSite to Banner and the wireless network. It's the first place to check if you suspect a service is unavailable. A green check mark means a service is working; yellow means "warning," and a red X means the service is down. The site also lists upcoming maintenance sessions.

Twitter customers can access the new account by following UCDavisStatus. People who don't use Twitter can learn about the social media service at Please direct other questions to the IT Express Computing Services Help Desk at (530) 754-HELP (4357).