IET's after-hours Virtual Lab gains a more memorable URL

One of the handiest computer lab services on campus is now a little easier to find online.

The IET Virtual Lab, which lets faculty, students and staff remotely log on to software in Information and Educational Technology'\031s computer labs after hours, has a new, easier-to-remember URL:

The service connects campus affiliates to expensive, specialized software running on computers in the labs. The remote access can be invaluable for people working off campus at odd hours--a typical user is a student working late at home to finish a class project.

The website includes a link to connect to the Virtual Lab, plus access to an FAQ with instructions. The campus has a limited number of licenses for the software, so some programs are available only when the computer rooms are closed--typically after 10 p.m. and on weekends.

The IET Virtual Lab, which began in summer 2012, was used 7,347 times by 972 unique clients in winter 2014. It has averaged 5,901 logins per quarter since fall 2012.

IET\031s Computer Lab Management unit operates 20 computer rooms. In 2012-13, they recorded 952,000 logins from 29,000 different customers.

The old URL was IET changed it to the new URL during spring break.