If you need help in an elevator, you'll now be easier to find

Two campus departments recently completed a rewiring project that you'll appreciate if you ever get stuck in a UC Davis elevator.

Communications Resources, part of Information and Educational Technology, has finished a joint program with Facilities Management to rewire 69 elevator cars in 27 older campus buildings to give each car its own phone number and detailed location.

Previously, these particular elevators shared one phone number per building, which was customary when the elevators were installed. But the shared numbers made it hard for campus police or firefighters to quickly find someone calling for help from one of the elevators' phones, because the number didn't show which car the caller was in.

Most of the 27 buildings are in the core campus, said Diane Bahr, manager of the Engineering and Construction Management section of IET-CR. Two are located in Research Park.

"We're trying to increase campus safety," she said.

The project wrapped up on March 25, well ahead of its goal of finishing by June.