Illegal Copyright and File Sharing Show Upward Trend, Legal Download Option Under Consideration

Information provided by the campus' designated agent for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) indicates that the number of illegal file sharing notifications at UC Davis for 2005-06 shows a trend upwards over previous years. Notifications in 2004-05 totaled 132, while 2005-06 through the end of April was 172, and 2005-06 will surpass the 2003-04 total of 181 to be the second highest year since the DMCA was enacted. Fiscal year 2002-03 notifications numbered 392. For more information, email or see

Last year, after looking into options for providing legal online entertainment services tailored to the UC community, UC Office of the President negotiated a campus license with Cdigix, an online music provider. A free streaming music service option by Cdigix is being offered to UC campuses. Representatives from Student Housing and the IT Security Coordinator will meet with Cdigix in early May to discuss this latest offer.