Image and Media Management Tool Enters Pilot Phase

This fall IET-Mediaworks conducted many conversations around the campus and among its staff to explore the desirability of offering an image and media management tool to instructors. An overwhelming need for this kind of resource was uncovered, and one of Mediaworks? projects in particular (AMS21) was found to be well-suited to an application available from Princeton University (Almagest). As a result, Mediaworks has decided to move forward with installing and testing the Almagest system. Two servers (development and production) have been configured to run the software, which is scheduled to go online winter quarter. AMS21 (Exhibitions and Material Culture) has been targeted as the first course to make use of this system. All of the visual materials and related metadata for this course have been gathered and will be loaded into the system for use during the winter quarter. Students will be able to search for all the images used in the course and replay them in the order they will be shown in class. (For more information about IET-Mediaworks, see the Mediaworks Web site.)