Implementation of Electronic Research Administration System Moving Forward

The Office of Research, in conjunction with IET, is in the process of implementing the first phase of the Electronic Research Administration System. The Proposal Tracking module of this new system will replace the existing campus Contracts and Grants database maintained by the Sponsored Programs Office. Recently, the project team successfully completed the final configuration of the application, a second conversion of legacy data from the Contract & Grant database into the InfoEd system and a successful dual entry period. The next major milestone to achieve is the final conversion of legacy data and to rollout the Proposal Tracking module to the Sponsored Programs Office.

While the Sponsored Programs Office will be the group primarily impacted by this initial phase, it is the intent of this project to ensure that all schools/colleges are engaged in the planning, design and implementation process for the overall project. In support of this goal, an Oversight Committee has been formed that includes representation from both campus-wide faculty and administration. In addition, each school/college has representation within the project stakeholder groups. The Office of Research is also coordinating with those schools and colleges that have departmental contract and grant databases and providing them with the opportunity to replace their existing shadow systems with the InfoEd system.

The completion of the first phase is tentatively scheduled for April 2006. Implementation of the Proposal Development module is scheduled for the end of 2007. This module will enable lead faculty members to create and manage proposals online and route them electronically for approval. Implementation of the Project Management module is scheduled for 2008. This module has the unique capability of linking information stored in the InfoEd system to various campus systems (i.e., DaFIS, Faculty Merit & Promotion system, Cost-Sharing and Effort-Reporting systems). For more infor mation, visit,3,1156.