Instructors invited to talk shop at mini-institute

When the latest Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology ended in July, many participants asked for more opportunities during the year to talk shop and learn from each other. They'll soon get their chance.

The Teaching Resources Center invites all faculty--especially anyone who attended July's weeklong institute--to return for a combined SITT reunion and mini-institute in the University Club on Nov. 9.

The schedule starts with lunch at noon, then follows through with a choice of sessions and a "brief open exchange of suggestions, concerns and topics for future workshops--including ideas for SITT 2007." The schedule ends at 3.

Session topics include SmartSite tools and networks; clickers (personal response systems); engaging students as writers; defining and evaluating good teaching; and SITT updates and progress reports (during lunch).

Register no later than Nov. 3. On the registration page, use the "special needs and comment" block to identify the workshops you are most interested in attending.

The Nov. 9 session, hosted by the TRC with IET-Mediaworks and IET-Classroom Technology Services, kicks off a monthly series of "More Thoughtful Teaching" mini-institutes for UC Davis instructors. If you have suggestions for future workshops and panel presentations, send them to