Inventory Consignment System Pilot Underway

For the past five months, IET-Communications Resources (CR) has partnered with Anixter to conduct a six-month pilot of their inventory consignment program. This pilot has involved using Anixter??'s Rapid Fire Inventory Tracking System as a means of purchasing materials and supplies for communication projects and services. With the Rapid Fire system, Anixter??'s inventory can be stocked in the department??'s storehouse and items can be purchased from Anixter on an ???as needed basis.??? As items are used, the system automatically reorders the item and the replacements are shipped within 24 hours. E-Anixter, the Web-based inventory warehouse for the Rapid Fire system, enables technicians and engineers to establish material quotes for campus projects that reflect accurate department inventory and pricing. The benefits of Rapid Fire also include the reduction of inventory obsolescence risk, and freeing up nearly $50,000 that was previously tied to inventory items. At the conclusion of the six-month pilot in February, CR will make a decision to either revert to the old system or continue with Anixter for a one-year contract.