iPhone gets tested for campus compatibility

Apple's new 3G iPhone is touted as a do-it-all mobile device. So, is it really that versatile? A new project organized by Information and Educational Technology intends to help find out.

Starting in early August, the project will use volunteers from the campus technical community who own iPhones to test how well the devices--either originals or the new 3G models--work with the most widely used applications and services at UC Davis. Volunteers will test campus-specific services as well as common third-party applications.

"The tests allow faculty, staff, and students to make an informed decision about the iPhone and how it will best fit their needs," said project coordinator Caryn DeMoura, "whether that be at work, home, or a combination of both."

Items on the list so far include:

  • Adobe products, such as Photoshop
  • Facebook
  • IET podcasting
  • Microsoft Office
  • MoobilenetX
  • MyUCDavis course management tools
  • Remote Desktop for Mobiles
  • SISweb
  • SmartSite
  • Xeda
  • YouTube

The test results, to be posted here in early September, will include a compatibility matrix edited by the volunteers, product details, links, and other information. The department has run similar projects in the past to test other major new products for campus compatibility, such as Windows Vista or Apple's Leopard operating systems.

Contact ucdiphone@ucdavis.edu if you have questions.