IT security coordinator joins radio chat on illegal file-sharing

Campus IT Security Coordinator Bob Ono was one of four guests featured on Capital Public Radio's "Insight" Program Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 3 on Sacramento FM radio station KXJZ. The topic was the use of campus servers to download unlicensed music, a popular if illegal trend among college students.

Though many students use legal software such as iTunes and URGE, others still use peer-to-peer networks such as Kazaa and Morpheus to download unlicensed music. According to UC Davis student representative Michael Dean, any type of downloading--legal or illegal--is made easy by the high speed of the campus Internet.

Students are encouraged to use the campus network, but the "primary purpose of [the network]," says Ono, "is to support the academic mission--research, teaching, public service."

All guests on the show agreed that file-sharing is not going away. The campus encourages students to obtain songs legally, and last year signed a contract with Cdigix to provide students with free access to 2.5 million songs available for download.

Violators of copyright laws can get sued and, at UC Davis, be placed on academic probation and denied access to computer network resources.