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Head, Heart, Hands, and Hardware? 4-H, Technology, and the University
In a way, it started with a rocket. Steven Worker holds his hands about ten inches apart, miming the outcome of the project that got him hooked on 4-H when he was just twelve. "Oh, you know," he says: "Wood glue. Paint kit. Go out and launch it in an abandoned field."
Read all about 4-H and it's connection to our own campus.

Keep It To Yourself: Maintaining a Fraud-Free Identity at Work and at Home"
Ten years ago, the idea of stealing someone's personal information to commit fraud was more sci-fi fantasy than cause for concern. Today, identity theft is the nation's fastest growing crime, having claimed more than 27 million victims in the last five years alone. What's more, academic institutions have become prime targets of this serious offense. In light of recent breaches on campuses across the country, you should be aware of where ID theft risks lie and what actions you can take to protect personal information.

Don't Make "Password" Your Password
It's hard to organize numerous passwords, so we can understand why you'd try to make them easier to recall. The problem is, easily-remembered passwords are often easy to crack.

Now WHERE Did I Put That? What to Do If You've Forgotten Your Kerberos Password
If you've forgotten or are afraid you will forget your Kerberos password, this article provides a few easy ways to reset or recover your password.

Campus Technology Upgrades"
Classroom Technology Services has been hard at work this summer upgrading technology across the campus.

Plastic Patients And Cyber-Surgery: Center for Virtual Care Promotes Technology Training
Virtual patients, which have the uncanny ability to mimic human responses, are the latest technological development that aid the training of medical students both at UC Davis and elsewhere in the country.

Wireless How-To: Going Wireless on Campus Now Easier than Ever
This past summer has seen the improvement of the campus wireless system in both coverage in functionality. Whether you are new to the system or a seasoned veteran, connecting is now easier than before.

Wireless Network Being Enhanced: New Hotspots Will Fill in the Quad and the MU
When you hook up your laptop on campus later this Fall, you may notice that the wireless network is faster, stronger, and safer. This is due to several improvements now in process that will guarantee a better wireless experience for the UC Davis community--and now, also their guests.

Email From Anywhere: Never Change Your Account Settings Again!
Gone are the days when campus users needed to change their account settings whenever they wanted to check email on campus.

Walls Ward Off (Virtual) Flames! Campus Heats up Security with New Firewall Services
Using a firewall can help protect you and the campus against hackers. A firewall is one of many tools that can be used to defend one's computer against attacks.