IT Times Summer 2004 Edition

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  • Interactive Web Site Moves Undergraduate Admissions Online
    Early this year, the campus launched MyAdmissions, a Web site that allows student applicants to accept their admission to UC Davis online by digitizing their personal info and every legal form that they will have to submit upon accepting admission.

  • Digital Imaging System Brings Media-Rich Lectures to Students? Computers
    Almagest, developed in part by Mediaworks, is an innovative content management tool especially useful for media-heavy courses. Almagest rolled out at UC Davis last December with the American Studies course, ?Objects and Everyday Life.? Since then, the departments of Textiles and Clothing, Theater and Dance, and Landscape Architecture have begun incorporating the tool into their curriculum.

  • Online AP Course Preps High School Students for University-Level Learning
    For underprivileged high school students without access to college-prep measures such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, it is difficult to gain a competitive edge when applying to and entering college. But with the help of improved technology and appropriated funding, UC Davis? Mediaworks has played a leading role in creating a viable solution: offering AP courses online.

  • Campus Sees Progress in Efforts to Prevent Illegal File-sharing and Copyright Infringement Activities
    The file sharing craze has introduced a major challenge for college campuses who must act as enforcers of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. UC Davis has taken many steps to reduce the amount of illegal file sharing on campus.

  • Video Screens Debut at ARC
    Debuting at the infamous Doxie Derby on Picnic Day 2004, "Big Boards" are a new feature of the Pavillion at ARC (formerly known as the Rec Hall). Adding to the energy of sporting events, the Big Boards allow for instant replays at various speeds and high-end graphics to accompany the images.

Summer Events and Announcements