June 'Focus on Security' conference will call for proposals soon

Plans are moving ahead for UCCSC 2009--Focus on Security, the combined UC Davis IT Security Symposium and University of California Computing Services Conference scheduled June 16-17 on campus. Registration will cost no more than $125.

The midweek conference will feature lecture sessions, hands-on labs, and presentations by university and industry experts. The schedule includes a report from the Office of the President, announcements of this year's winners of the University of California Larry Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology, and time for networking.

Although the theme is "Focus on Security," conference organizers are leaving room for a wide variety of topics. "Start thinking about possible presentations you and your colleagues might deliver," says a notice from the planning group. "Look for the call for proposals soon."

The event brings together IT workers from throughout the University of California so they can learn new information, exchange ideas and solutions on common problems, and spur each other toward excellence.

The biennial IT Security Symposium and UCCSC are usually separate, but 2009 is Davis's turn to host the UCCSC. Since both events occur in the summer, the campus decided to combine them. Email any questions to the planning team at uccsc2009@ucdavis.edu.