Kazaa Users - New functions may permit your computer to become a participant in a new network

According to recent industry reports, Kazaa, a file-sharing program, installs software (Brilliant Digital) in addition to its peer-to-peer file sharing code. This software could permit your computer to perform additional tasks. These additional tasks include distributing advertising or to run complicated computer tasks on behalf of another computer. In order to run these tasks, the Brilliant Digital software will attempt to make use of your computer memory, disk space and network connection.

You may receive offers for gift certificates and free videos in exchange from Brilliant Digital, or a subsidiary, for permission to use your computer and network connection for use of your computer and network resources. Please be aware that commercial use of university computing and network resources that has not been authorized by the University of California is a violation of the campus acceptable use policy. In addition, granting an external organization permission to use your computer could jeopardize the integrity and availability of your computer and data as well as impose risks to your personal privacy.