Key campus tech council posts report for '07-08

The Campus Council for Information Technology (CCFIT) has posted its 2007-08 annual report on the council's Web site.

The council, whose members represent a broad range of faculty, staff and students, offers advice and ideas on the use of educational and information technologies at UC Davis to support instruction, research, administration and public service. Topics this year include Gmail service for students, extending the hours of the IT help desk, and a strategic approach to investing in computing facilities, among other subjects.

In the introduction, council chair Francois Gygi says the report gives Barbara Horwitz, interim provost, and Pete Siegel, vice provost for Information and Educational Technology, "an account of CCFIT activities during the past year," and recommends "current and future actions in the area of information technologies."

"We hope this document," says Gygi, a professor of Applied Science, "will be a valuable resource to further improve the use of information technologies on campus."