Laser pointers requested by faculty are now available

At the request of an Academic Senate subcommittee, Information and Educational Technology is now offering Kensington laser pointers to faculty at no charge.

The remote-control devices feature a green laser, a range of 150 feet, and can also control PowerPoint slides. They're available from IET's equipment loan service.

The Kensington unit is easy to use, and the green laser pointer is bigger and easier to read than red laser versions they evaluated, said Joe Kelley, who oversees the loan service as part of IET's Academic Technology Services (ATS) unit.

Kelley and ATS Director David Levin are members of the campus Instructional Space Advisory Group, a subcommittee of the UC Davis Academic Senate. "It determined that we should have these devices readily available to faculty at no charge," Kelley said. "The committee allocated money for 50 units."

Faculty can check out the devices for a quarter at a time. If interested, call ATS at 752-2133 and ask for the equipment loan group.