The Latest Online Course Components Created by Mediaworks

Developing Online Course Components. Mediaworks continues to produce a number of technology components for undergraduate courses. These include classes in American Studies, Chemistry, and Agriculture and Resource Economics. Details follow. American Studies: an American Studies course on the material culture of the American home is designed to teach students to analyze artifacts as cultural documents. It requires a Mediaworks-created database and a set of interactive templates. The course should culminate with students becoming ?curators? as they apply the skills they've' acquired to their own exhibits. The projects will be submitted in Web form and select projects will be ?exhibited? each quarter through a link to the AMS home page. Chemistry 2C: the Fall 2002 release of Chemistry 2C Laboratory Presentations is a fully-developed online program to support the Chemistry Department's?pre-laboratory requirements and post-laboratory data entry for students. The pre-laboratory section includes nine presentations and quizzes to ensure that students are aware of all safety precautions and lab requirements before they enter the lab. The nine post-laboratory interactive sections validate that each laboratory experiment is conducted correctly, and the results are available for review by the student, the TA, the Lab Coordinator, and the Instructor. ARE Courses: the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics launched'the online course, ARE100A, this past summer to investigate the use of online courses to increase enrollment in impacted lower-level required courses for their college. The goal is to increase course availability and student attendance in courses that are currently limited by room availability. Under consideration are future launches of ARE100B and ARE150.