Let the Transition Begin! SmartSite's Updated and Ready for You

It was supposed to take 36 hours, but SmartSite's programming team completed the system's latest update in one night.

This major upgrade significantly fixes and improves existing tools, adds several new ones and most importantly, introduces the version of SmartSite that will replace MyUCDavis' course tools.

About the update, SmartSite's program manager Kirk Alexander states, "it was the last major hurdle before SmartSite could become UC Davis' preferred set of course tools. Another benefit of upgrading in June is that we will have both summer sessions to test the system in a production environment."

For more information about SmartSite, including how to create a site, an overview of tools, features and potential uses, as well as information about the transition from MyUCDavis' course tools, please click here; visit the "Support and Training" section to read about upcoming SmartSite workshops and demonstrations.

While steps were taken to ensure a smooth upgrade, there is always the possibility of occasional, unexpected system behaviors and bugs.

Please contact IT Express at smartsite-help@ucdavis.edu smartsite-help@ucdavis.edu , or (530) 754-HELP if you have any questions or concerns.