Mediaworks, CTS get new name: Academic Technology Services

Mediaworks and Classroom Technology Services, two areas of Information and Educational Technology that merged last fall, have a new name for the combined department: IET-Academic Technology Services.

The choice follows discussion and careful planning, both in and outside the department, with options reviewed by faculty and people from the campus library and the Teaching Resources Center. The naming committee wanted a choice that was logical and intuitive to the community, had a broad definition, and would still work if the department expands or changes its services in the years to come.

"These committees and individuals reviewed our proposal, and were unanimously in support of this approach," said ATS Director Liz Gibson. "All felt that this captured well the role of the combined unit."

ATS is a large and varied unit, offering services ranging from classroom tech support and audio-visual equipment rentals to podcasting, video production and graphic design. Its services are not changing.

IET has started to revise its brochures, signs and other material to remove the old names, and has acquired the Web domain name of A page should be active at that address shortly. For questions about the name change, contact Jennifer Winning at

"I like the word 'academic' better than 'instruction' or 'classroom,' and I like 'technology' better than 'media,' " said Jon Wagner, director of the Teaching Resources Center and a professor of education. "The new terms are broader and suggest the complementary contributions of technology to both research and teaching."

Gail Yokote, associate university librarian for the sciences and interim associate university librarian for technical services, said the new name "more accurately reflected the range of services provided and the audience expected to be served."

"Also," she added, "it is easy to remember."