Mediaworks Provides Support to Science Courses

Chemistry 2A: Mediaworks produced the last six modules for a Chemistry 2A online course and began production on a TA training program for Biological Sciences 1B. The program will provide TAs with a visual overview of eight labs as well as pedagogical insight for educating the more than 1800 students who take the program every year. Medical Center: Mediaworks and Communications Resources teamed up to support campus users in exploring video conferencing services. Recently, they assisted with a two-way video test from the Center for Virtual Care at the UC Davis Medical Center to the UC Davis main campus using video-over-IP technology, which allows video- and multimedia-conferencing via networked computers. In addition, the UC Davis School of Medicine and the UC Davis Medical Center have implemented a patient simulation system that allows teams of physicians and nurses to practice procedures at the Medical Center while students learn those procedures simultaneously on the UC Davis main campus. Future plans include using the campus network for distance learning, video conferencing, and the delivery of multiple video-over-IP services. For more information about online course support and development, see the Mediaworks Web site.