Middleware Team Works Closely with New Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee

The recently-formed IET Middleware Team continues to identify, develop, and add new elements to the campus? information technology infrastructure. The team is made up of IET programmers, developers, and other middleware specialists who are working with a variety of campus groups to develop solutions for meeting the campus? long- and short-term middleware needs. One such group is the UC Davis Technology Infrastructure Forum (TIF) comprised of technology leads from each college and school, and more specifically its Infrastructure Subcommittee. This subcommittee held its first meeting in July. This was the first in a series of regular meetings between subcommittee members and the IET Middleware Team.

Among the middleware services already available to the campus are an LDAP directory service, distributed authentication service, an extended account service, and an account provisioning service. In addition, a number of projects are underway. A brief description and status update on several of the projects the team is working on are provided below. To find out more about middleware services and to access technical documentation as well as descriptions of projects under development, visit the Middleware Web site at: http://middleware.ucdavis.edu.