MoobilenetX attracts converts

Students, faculty and staff have begun to switch to MoobilenetX, the campus wireless network that debuted last Sept. 24 as a more secure successor to Moobilenet.

"So far, we've seen a 15 percent conversion rate of wireless users logging on to MoobilenetX," said Zack O'Donnell, service manager for the Communication Resources unit of Information and Educational Technology.

MoobilenetX's advanced 802.1x authentication delivers three improvements over Moobilenet:

--The log-in is faster, and lets users configure their laptops to stay connected when they change locations on campus.

--An improved roaming ability maintains connections when users change locations, and smoothes the transition between wireless hotspots.

--The 128-bit encryption prevents third parties from intercepting communications.

Security is a constant concern in information technology, but there were no security problems that prompted the upgrade from Moobilenet to MoobilenetX. "Migrating to 802.1x was part of the original wireless plan for the campus," O'Donnell said.

The Moobilenet network will remain available while the campus switches to its successor. There are currently no plans to retire the original Moobilenet network.

To configure your computer for MoobilenetX, visit If you have problems connecting to MoobilenetX, call IT Express at 530-754-HELP (4357). To see a map of wireless coverage on campus, click here.