Moobilenetx will be retired June 22 – it’s time to update your campus wireless to eduroam

The campus is retiring moobilenetx on June 22, so it’s time to switch to eduroam.

Sign in to eduroam by using your Kerberos ID (the same one you use to sign into CAS) plus (i.e., For more information about eduroam, consult the Knowledge Base or the IT Service Catalog. If you're introducing a new smartphone, tablet or other device to the campus network, please connect it to eduroam.

Eduroam has advantages. Once you're enrolled, eduroam will automatically and securely connect your phone or device to wireless services when you visit universities and colleges, including UC campuses, as well as many airports, governmental buildings, and public sites worldwide.

The campus has been encouraging faculty, staff, and students to use eduroam instead of moobilenetx for the past year. IT directors have received lists of campus constituents still using moobilenetx, as well as tools to help migrate their users to eduroam.

“It is our goal to make the [June 22] disconnect a minor event and have many of the users off of moobilenetx in advance of the retirement date,” said Chris Clements, network operations manager.

UC Davis started using moobilenetx as its main wireless network 10 years ago.

Questions? Contact the IT Express Service Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).