More wireless printing, more computer class time: Latest report depicts changing campus

Wireless printing has grown; another classroom has been upgraded to support high-end multimedia classes; and campus computer classrooms saw record demand in the winter quarter. So says the latest CLM report, an accessible, quarterly review that helps show how high tech is reshaping everyday work at UC Davis.

The wireless service, which lets people use the campus wireless network to send documents to computer rooms for printing, began last October. Computer Lab Management has now added 163 Shields to the list of computer rooms set up for wireless printing, bringing the number of similarly equipped rooms to six.

People have discovered the service. Campus clients used it to print 2,093 jobs in the winter quarter, roughly triple the volume of fall quarter.

Other items from the report:

--CLM upgraded software and equipment in 93 Hutchison so that it can handle classes that would normally be scheduled in 1102 Hart. The Hart classroom had become too busy to accommodate all the classes that want to use it.

--Computer classrooms saw record use in the winter quarter, largely because the campus has added more such rooms, and instructors are taking advantage of the resource. Winter-quarter computer classroom reservations were flat from 2001 through 2005 at 3,080 hours, then surged to 3,483 in winter 2006 and to 3,717 last quarter.

"We added 2020 and 2060 Sciences Laboratory Building over the last few years so that we could fit in more classes," said computer lab manager Tim Leamy. "Almost all our rooms are at capacity again, so I doubt the class hours will change much unless we find more space."

--The computer rooms printed about 1.38 million sheets of paper in winter quarter, down about 200,000 from a y ear earlier. CLM credits the reduction in the free print quota last summer, from 100 sheets per client per quarter to 60. (But charges are waived if clients print 90 sheets or fewer.)

--Forty-five classes had podcast lectures in the winter quarter, about four times as many as a year earlier. The podcasts have replaced class audiotapes.

Now that the audiotapes are no longer available from the Hart Media Distribution Lab, people are checking out fewer class materials from the lab--about 3,000 checkouts in the winter quarter, down about one-third year to year. Most of the checkouts were from faculty who were reserving videotapes or DVDs to show in their classes.