Music industry sends 14 more pre-lawsuit letters to UC Davis

UC Davis has been sent 14 more pre-litigation settlement letters from the Recording Industry Association of America, part of the trade group's campaign to punish and deter illegal online file-sharing of music.

This time the RIAA sent 396 notices to 22 schools, including two other University of California campuses: Santa Cruz (24) and San Diego (17). This round, the 11th this year, comes about three weeks after the previous batch, which totaled 417 letters.

The letters tell the universities that one of their computer network users is about to be sued, and asks administrators to forward the letter to the target of the litigation. The violator can avoid a lawsuit by paying a settlement. Current UC policy is to forward the settlement letters, because settling might save the recipient money.

The letters are sent to universities because the RIAA doesn't know the name of the computer user at this stage, although it can discover the name through a subpoena.

This is the first time since June that the RIAA has included UC Davis in the monthly mailings. Earlier this year, however, the campus received electronic notices that indicated more pre-litigation letters were coming.