MyAdmissions Offers New Services to Undergraduate Applicants

IET has been assisting the office of Undergraduate Admissions in an ambitious new project to create an interactive Web site for UC Davis applicants and admitted students. The new Web site, nicknamed ?MyAdmissions,? provides students with application status information, admission decision information, and an online version of the admissions packet that includes Web-based forms for students to fill out as part of the admissions process.

Working closely with the Undergraduate Admissions team, IET has developed a secure authentication mechanism that allows applicants to create UC Davis computing accounts within the central Kerberos system. Starting winter quarter, the campus will be able to provide secure information and status updates to applicants via the Web using these computing accounts.

The first phase of the project was completed at the end of November when students were given the ability to view the status of their applications online. (For more information, see the MyAdmissions Web site at