MyInfoVault upgrade launches June 30

On June 30, Information and Educational Technology and Academic Personnel will roll out the newest version of MyInfoVault (MIV), a system that creates faculty digital dossiers to support academic promotions and merit actions. The long-awaited upgrade has improved the overall architecture and functionality of MyInfoVault, and users should also notice an enhanced, more intuitive look and feel.

The updated features include a new special character palette, a better creation time for dossiers, an easier way to navigate the menu, as well as quick and easy data-entry updates. As part of the move to make MIV a true database repository, users no longer have to code their information in HTML to format data in the system.

Once the new system is launched, users will notice that the CV and NIH Biosketch features will be temporarily inaccessible. The project team will upgrade and release these features in the fall.

Schools and colleges representing 125 departments and 3,100 accounts use MIV, and they have provided important feedback as the MIV group developed the upgrade. To learn more, and to stay current on additional features and upgrades planned for the future, click here.