"MyUCDavis" - A New Window on the Aggie World

For faculty and students, the workday is governed by course schedules and the constant quest for information. We maneuver through a maze of commitments with the aid of many "tools": planners, scheduling software, Web sites, email, and administrative computing systems, like Banner and DaFIS. Wouldn't it be great to have just one place where we could manage all of our UC Davis-related business, communications, and coursework? Well, the wait is almost over. By this fall, UC Davis faculty and students will have their own, custom-made Web portal called MyUCDavis. Plans to create a portal for staff are also on the drawing board. MyUCDavis (formerly known as Project Gateway) will integrate existing UC Davis online applications together with new services into one convenient Web portal, a site that functions like a doorway to many other sites and that each visitor can personalize to reflect his or her interests and needs (see "Web Portals Explained").