MyUCDavis Oversight Committee Formed

A new oversight committee has been formed to provide direction and leadership for the ongoing development and maintenance of MyUCDavis, the campus enterprise portal. Under the leadership of Professor Richard Plant, the new committee is charged with reviewing, prioritizing, and making decisions on portal-related issues (including proposed functionality, user feedback, communication issues, new projects, as well as budget and procedural issues, etc.). The committee will provide the IET portal development team with direction during the planning, development, and implementation stages of all projects. To collect input on portal functionality and content, and to ensure MyUCDavis meets the campus? needs, the committee will consult with various user and constituent groups. Depending on the topics under consideration, the committee will engage such groups as the Administrative and Academic Computing Coordinating Councils (AdC3 and AC4, respectively), the Technology Infrastructure Forum (TIF), the various NBA teams, the Adman group, senior advisers, ASUCD, and other groups, as appropriate. The Portal Oversight Committee is comprised of John Bruno (IET), Joseph Calger (University Relations), Richard Plant (faculty), Dave Shelby (IET), and Fred Wood (Dean, Letters and Science). The NBA project manager will join the committee when that person is hired, thereby providing an important connection to the NBA initiative. For more information and to read the charge letter to the committee, see