MyUCDavis Portal News

MyUCDavis Complies With American Disabilities Act (ADA). The MyUCDavis Development Team released modifications to the Web-based email program to meet ADA (Section 508) Requirements. The MyUCDavis Portal and Web-based email now meet ADA requirements. Feedback Mechanisms in Place for MyUCDavis. A new customer feedback mechanism was added to MyUCDavis and now customer comments are being collected via a Happy/Sad Face indicator. These comments are reviewed and routinely shared with the MyUCDavis Oversight Committee to help gauge portal and customer needs. The MyUCDavis Team has also established a Student Advisory Group to contribute ideas and participate in the testing of new features and tools. A usability study of MyUCDavis Course Management was completed over the summer. A faculty focus group was formed to conduct the study using their experiences as input. The MyUCDavis team is currently reviewing the suggested improvements for usability and organization. ADA Requirements to the course management interfaces will be completed at the same time usability and organizational enhancements are made to the course management system. Final Grade Submission Made Easy Via the MyUCDavis Portal. A final grade submission feature was updated to allow departmental staff with access to Banner grade data to submit final grades online for faculty in their departments. This feature had been available to faculty for more than a year. The Registrar helped announce this new feature to faculty and staff during spring and fall. MyUCDavis Usage Statistics The following are just some of the MyUCDavis statistics that are available via the portal by clicking on Stats in the upper right corner of the MyUCDavis screen. The statistics below are for Winter Quarter, 2003. 34,175: Total number of unique portal users (25,100 students; 1,100 faculty) 11,000:\tAverage daily number of unique users 1540:\tNumber of GradeBooks in use in Spring 248:\tNumber of quizzes created \r