NBA Comes to UC Davis

The NBA (New Business Architecture, not National Basketball Association!) is a UC-wide initiative that will help manage unprecedented enrollment growth in the next decade. It's also expected to help all UC campuses control costs, implement best business practices, and improve our work environment. One of the ways in which these goals will be met here on campus is through the development of an enterprise portal (think of it as an expanded, beefed up MyUCDavis) that will support the campus' business and academic needs. To read more about the NBA, go to the new Web site at (or To stay informed, you may also want to add the New Business Architecture channel to your MyUCDavis portal. To do so, click on "Customize this Page" on the main page and select "New Business Architecture" at the bottom of the list on the right side of the page. With the channel, you'll have easy and convenient access to NBA news, meeting minutes, FAQs, projects, accomplishments, etc.