Nelson Gallery displays stunning, software-aided tapestries

Tapestries that use software to combine drawings, paintings and photos with traditional craft--producing wall-sized pieces with stunningly precise imagery--are on display at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery through May 26.

The gallery is open in Room 124 of the Art Building on weekdays from 11 to 5, and on Sundays from 2 to 5. Admission is free.

A revolutionary software program by Oakland artist Donald Farnsworth of Magnolia Editions turns drawings, paintings and photos into "gorgeous new tapestries fabricated in a traditional factory in Belgium," says an announcement from the office of Nelson Gallery Director Renny Pritikin. "These are true woven tapestries, with no added painting."

"Ten Tapestries from Magnolia Editions" displays work by Chuck Close, Bruce Conner, William T. Wiley, Diane Hall, Doug Hall, Hung Liu, Squeak Carnwath, Katherine Westerhout, Robert Kushner, and Farnsworth. See a sample by Hall here.

Farnsworth will give a talk, plus show slides and video, at 6 p.m. April 26 in the grad art student studios.