Network Upgrades to Temporarily Interrupt Email, Online Services on August 8

Like most other buildings around campus, the Data Center is scheduled for a data network electronics upgrade this summer. This upgrade will require a short interruption of services for Data Center clients.

As was announced in a campus directive issued in May, 2003, Information and Educational Technology is upgrading the equipment in communications closets around campus this summer, from aging ATM to faster and more reliable Gigabit Ethernet. In order to physically remove the existing hardware and install the new electronics equipment in the Data Center building, technicians and engineers will need to shut down network connectivity and access to services .

After consultation with several of our clients, we have identified Friday, August 8, 2003 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. as the timeframe during which this upgrade will be performed.

During this two-hour window, the following services will be unavailable:

  • All central email servers
  • Secureweb
  • SISWeb (online student registration)
  • DaFIS
  • MyUCDavis
  • UC Davis Web-based email (?Geckomail?)
  • The main campus Web site (
  • The campus Data Warehouse, and
  • The ISUN login servers.

For more information on the project to upgrade the campus data network, see For more information on Data Center services, see To access the Campus Computing Help Desk, see