New Bulk Email Application to Allow Campus to Automate Requests Via the Web

A new Bulk Email application that will allow campus members to automate their requests for bulk email services will roll out in March 2006. The Bulk Email application will provide a requester with a Web-based interface for entering the email message and the targeted population (via manual entry or a file upload)??. The application has built-in work-flow, starting with the departmental requester to one or more designated approvers, and then to the Postmaster for final submission. As part of the work-flow process, the requester and approvers are notified at the appropriate steps and given an opportunity for editing and approving of the exact message prior to final submission. Once the approvals are completed, the Campus Postmaster sends the message to the targeted population and the message is retained after final submission for future reference. These levels of approval should greatly reduce errors in the message content and targeted populations. For more information about bulk email and to access the UC Davis Mass Electronic Messaging Policy, see