New Digital Audio Facility Created

A new service is available for those who want to rock on: a sound-proofed, digital audio room that enables people to create, record, mix, adjust and modify music to the artist's delight. Joe Castillo, Lab Manager of the Media Lab at 1154 Meyer Hall had formerly used this converted dark room as storage space. "Students and sometimes TAs from other colleges have shown interest in creating projects and enhancing instruction using music," said Castillo. "Although digital audio labs exist on campus, they are only available to people affiliated with the music department." Seeing a need to fill, and since Castillo already had the space, it was just a matter of getting the equipment, which he was able to purchase through Instructional Equipment Replacement funds. So, what's in the room? A Macintosh computer hooked up to audio cassette players, a mixing board, microphone, and synthesizer. With this equipment, artists can create MIDI, mix different tracks, create voiceovers, compose music, and change formats from tape to CD, among other things. Only one person at a time can use the facility on a first-come, first served basis. The lab is available to students, faculty and staff who need to mix music for instructional purposes. Lab Management student employees are currently developing training documents and tutorials to help users with the equipment. Check the lab out at 1154 Meyer Hall.