New MyDoom Virus Variant Reported (2/16/05)

Anti-virus vendors reported the release of a new fast-spreading email-borne virus. The virus, referred to as W32.Mydoom.AX@mm or, forges the originating email address and may have a subject of: ??? hello ??? hi ??? error ??? status ??? test ??? report ??? delivery failed ??? Message could not be delivered ??? Mail System Error - Returned Mail ??? Delivery reports about your e-mail ??? Returned mail: see transcript for details ??? Returned mail: Data format error delivered

The infected message may warn you that your computer is generating spam, is infected with a virus, or cannot deliver an email message due to an error condition. Please note this email message contains an infected file attachment. While most of the file attachment extensions used by this virus are blocked by the campus email system, the virus also uses files with a ???.ZIP??? file extension (e.g, DOCUMENT.ZIP). ???ZIP??? files are not currently removed from email and you should avoid opening ???ZIP??? files attached to suspicious email messages. The virus will install a malicious program on your computer that could permit unauthorized remote control of the infected computer.

Please update your anti-virus software to protect your computer and data. Most anti-virus vendors have released updates to protect against this new virus infection.