New Overhead Media Equipment Now Available in General Classrooms

The purchase of six new document cameras was approved and funded by the Registrar during Fall 2004. These document cameras are ideal for large lecture halls that require larger and better quality images than those that traditionally come from overhead transparency projectors. Additionally, these document cameras allow for viewing objects and hard copies of materials, thus expanding what faculty can use for instruction. The camera units connect to the data projector via the Smart Panel and a VGA cable (similar to laptop computers). Units were installed in 1100 SSH, 194 Chem, 1322 Storer and 3 Kleiber. The other two are available thru IET-Multimedia Equipment Support for installation at faculty request.

The purchase of 115 new overhead transparency projectors was also approved and funded by the Registrar to replace the many old and outdated classroom units. These new projectors were received during Fall 2004 and were installed by the start of Winter Quarter classes in January 2005. The overhead projectors that were replaced in the classrooms were examined by equipment repair technicians and those that were in good shape were retained for spares and for IET-Multimedia Equipment Support to use for loan purposes. The remainder will be taken to the Bargain Barn for sale.