New Phishing Scam Targeting UC Davis

A new phishing scam that purports to come from a valid UC Davis email account is targeting campus email users and attempting to obtain login IDs and passwords. The message does not come from UC Davis. Please review the following description of this email scam so that you will recognize it if you receive it.

The brief message appears to be from The subject line reads UCDAVIS Alert. The body of the message states "Please use the link below to read our important UCDAVIS news." The link directs recipients to what appears to be the login screen for a UC Davis news page. However, if you look closely at the link you will notice that there is no dot between ucdavis and edu, and that the URL is actually a .net site.

If you receive this message or one similar, please delete it immediately. If you believe you have provided your login ID and password, visit to change your password, or contact IT Express at (530) 754-4357.

For advice on how to spot phishing attempts, read Information and Educational Technology's "10 Things Everybody Should Know About How the Email World Works."