New roles for former CR director Klem and CR manager Redican

Dave Klem has taken on a critical new assignment for Information and Educational Technology: Leading the development of a new, more stable funding model to support campus telecommunications.

Klem started his new job in the IET Vice Provost's office May 1. He had been director since 2005 of IET's Communications Resources unit, which provides phone, wireless, network and other telecommunications services to the campus. Klem helped focus the organization on a clear business direction, established the consistent use of metrics, and positioned UC Davis for a continually-renewing network upgrade plan.

Mark Redican, manager of the Network Operations Center in CR, will now oversee all of Communications Resources, reporting directly to IET Assistant Vice Provost Dave Shelby. Redican and CR's managers "will provide solid and effective leadership," said Vice Provost Pete Siegel and Shelby in the IET announcement that welcomed Klem to his new role.

Klem will "lead the development of a new funding model that will stabilize campus telecommunications support and may serve as a template for other parts of the IET organization," the announcement said. "While we have been considering changes in our telecom funding model, the need to pursue this direction aggressively has been made clear by the current fiscal crisis. We anticipate that this project will extend through the next 18 months."

"(This is) an important change in the IET organization," Siegel and Shelby said, "and one that we believe will serve the campus very well."