New service helps laptop users work as a group

The campus has added TeamSpot, a product that creates a public space--typically in front of a public computer with a large screen--where people can easily work together when using digital resources.

Part of the Meyer Media Lab in 1154 Meyer Hall is being slightly remodeled to create a specific TeamSpot collaboration zone, available to students, faculty and staff. The service is free, said Meyer Media Lab manager Joe Castillo, but clients will need to reserve the TeamSpot area through the lab, and bring their own laptops.

Clients don't use TeamSpot by logging in to the big-screened public computer--instead, using their laptops, they join a space managed by the computer. Then they can work together on the public computer screen from their laptops, and handily exchange files and other information with other members in the group. A campus TeamSpot Web site has more information.

TeamSpot is made by Tidebreak, Inc., an interactive workplace technology company based in Palo Alto. A company representative demonstrated the product on campus last August.