New site has information on Leopard compatibility tests

A new Web site created by IET has information about how Apple's new operating system, Leopard, works with campus applications.

"We encourage you to visit the site and to share it with the students, staff, and faculty in your departments," said Sarah Robertson, of Information and Educational Technology's Client Services unit, in an email. "It has information for everyone."

That information includes items on:

--Campus Apple licensing agreements.

--Details specific to how departments, staff, faculty, and students can obtain copies of Leopard for university and personal computers.

--Hardware requirements for compatibility with Leopard.

--The new security features in Leopard.

--Compatibility testing methodology.

--Compatibility testing results.

--News and announcements.

--Useful resource links.

The site also includes recommendations to the campus on adopting and supporting Leopard at UC Davis.

Volunteers from various departments have been testing Leopard and Safari 3 to see how they work with campus applications. Find their results here.