New tutorial teaches personal ID security, offers personal incentive

A new, short, online tutorial shows UC Davis faculty and staff how to protect sensitive information stored in computers. Anyone who completes the training will learn how to protect their electronic information and identity, and could also receive a $50 gift card.

The voluntary Information Security Awareness course is designed for non-technologists. It describes best practices that can help prevent compromises, intentional or not, of sensitive personal and university data.

The tutorial is sponsored by the University of California Office of the President, and available through the UC learning management system. Completing it should take about 30 to 40 minutes.

Theft and leaks of sensitive information can create major security breaches that damage work, careers and reputations, and are expensive to repair.

Campus Chief Information Officer Peter M. Siegel announced the tutorial in an email to faculty and staff July 31. Like Information and Educational Technology\031's "Be Smart About Your Smartphone" campaign this spring, the program is an important part of UC Davis\031' ongoing efforts to prevent unauthorized access to computers and personal information.

The UC Davis Ethics and Compliance Risk Committee has endorsed the training as a way to help manage IT risks. About 200 people completed the course on July 31, said campus IT Security Coordinator Bob Ono.

To take the course:

  • Visit the learning management system website.
  • To sign in, enter your UC Davis login ID and passphrase.
  • Once on the main page, in the search box (top left corner), type in "information security awareness," and click "go."
  • Click on "Information Security Awareness" (DAC-TT0900) from the list, then click on "start."

The gift car ds, courtesy of the Office of the President, will be allocated monthly in a random drawing through December 2012. Please direct any questions about the course to Ono at