New UC Software Reseller

The UC system has selected a new reseller to handle orders under UC's volume software agreements. These contracts cover products for departmental use. The new reseller is Technology Resource Center (TRC), located in West Dundee, Illinois, outside Chicago. TRC will replace Software Spectrum as the UC reseller effective 10/1/01. Several months ago, after being notified that Software Spectrum planned to move away from the academic market, the University initiated a bid process to select a new reseller. Responses were received from six resellers. They were evaluated using many criteria including the ability to handle a large number of University accounts, proposed services, and pricing. TRC scored well in all areas. The vendors whose contracts will be handled by TRC are Microsoft (Select program), Adobe, FileMaker, IBM/Lotus and Symantec. Additional vendors may be added in the future. Purchasing procedures for Microsoft Select products are different from before. For Microsoft Select products, TRC has a special arrangements with CompuCom. All Microsoft Select products will be passed on to CompuCom and fulfilled by Microsoft. TRC's product and pricing information are available at For more information, see "New Software Reseller for UC Chosen" in the October IT Times.