New Virus Masquerades as an Email Warning

A new virus that infects email attachments and shared files has been reported by several campus users. The virus appears to be a new variant of the W32.Beagle.x@mm infection.

This virus uses an official-sounding message that warns recipients that their email account may be generating spam email. The email recipient is further encouraged to open a file attachment for further instructions. This attached file typically has a ?ZIP? format (e.g., TextDocument.ZIP) and includes a password within the email message to execute the zip file.

Once executed, the zip file will generate infectious email to other recipients as well as place infected files into shared directories. The virus will also configure the infected computer for remote access. This capability could permit unauthorized remote control of the infected computer.

You are advised to review your incoming email for characteristics that match the above description. Do not to execute the ZIP file attached to this email and delete the email. Anti-virus vendors are expected to shortly release an update file to prevent this new virus from infecting computers. Please install your anti-virus vendor updates as they become available.

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