New Web Policy for Campus

Members of the campus Web standards committee met with the Technology Infrastructure Forum (TIF) in October to discuss UC Davis' World Wide Web policy, solicit additional feedback, and invite future TIF participation in the ongoing development of guidelines and tools for campus-wide compliance.

The group, including University Communications' Jan Conroy, Craig Farris, and Elliot Lopez, the College of Engineering's Rick Hill, and IET's Bob Ono, presented information about several aspects of the policy, including standards for content, branding, accessibility, and privacy.

"Our goal is to meet the campus's operational and legal need for a Web policy," said Conroy, "while ensuring that the appropriate information and resources for compliance are available to all campus stakeholders."

Following the presentation, the group discussed the UC Davis Web Content Management System (CMS) initiative, a University Communications/IET collaboration that will be a critical component in the campus??'s plans for supporting the development and management of standards-compliant Web sites.

Developed under the leadership of the Office of University Communications, the policy defines UC Davis' standards for World Wide Web communications and applications. The section applies to all Web pages and Web-based services that use University-owned or -operated electronic communication resources.

The UC Davis Web standards policy details requirements for a broad range of Web site content and practices, including: privacy, branding guidelines, timeliness and accuracy of content, availability of contact information, browser support and technology standards, and accessibility. The new policy is a valuable resource for webmasters and Web content managers across the c ampus, as well as for those in the midst of site redesigns and new Web site development.

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