Now out: A useful (really!) video podcast on security

Keeping your computer secure is just one of those things you have to do. A new video podcast can make that task easier for people who work or study at UC Davis.

"Cyber Safety Basics" lays out three fundamental security measures and four safety tips customized for campus faculty, students and staff. It was created by recent technocultural studies graduate Leejay Abucayan, a graphic designer and beatbox musician, and written by Phil Riley, an undergraduate majoring in communications and sociology. They produced the work as student employees of Information and Educational Technology.

The cybersafety information is serious and useful, prepared under the supervision of IET's security group. Most people who have seen the 5-minute podcast find it to be engaging, not stiff or speechy. Said Abucayan, who also narrates, "It's pretty much graphic design in motion."