Now WHERE Did I Put That?: What to Do If You've Forgotten Your Kerberos Password

If you've already set up the Online Password Reset:
  • Visit and select "Change your password."
  • Verify your identity, enter your LoginID again and select "Identity Verification Questions."
  • Correctly answer the questions you've set up and then create a new password.

  • If you've forgotten your Kerberos password but have not set up Online Password Reset:
  • Visit IT Express (182 Shields Library) with a picture ID. They'll help you reset your password.

    Once you have your new password:
  • Set up the Online Password Reset service, so in the future, if you forget your password again, you will be able to reset it more easily by answering your "Identity Verification Questions," rather than having to visit IT Express again.
  • To set up this service, visit, select "Change your password" and follow the instructions listed.
  • NOTE: To set up Identity Verification Questions, you must first change your password.