Old myucdavis site will remain available into 2015

The old myucdavis website for faculty and staff will be available for a while longer.

Its replacement, the new myucdavis, has been up and running since mid-October. The campus planned to keep the old site available at employees.my.ucdavis.edu only through the end of 2014.

However, the old site will stay available while the myucdavis team continues to move important features and functions to the new site, and this process isn't complete yet. For example, a new "Contracts and Grants" tile will be released this month, with a "DaFIS Information" tile following soon after.

In the feedback received so far, some instructors have asked about the location of the link to the \034Final Grade Submission\035 process. To find the link on the new site, instructors should log in to my.ucdavis.edu, then go to the \034My Office\035 or \034Classes I Teach\035 tiles. The \034Final Grade Submission\035 button is available in both places.

The myucdavis group is interested in receiving additional feedback, particularly about features and functions from the old site that you would like to see in the new site. To offer comments via myucdavis, click on the Feedback tab on the right side of the site.

Myucdavis consolidates many UC Davis web applications and online services into one location. Its mobile-friendly layout displays the tools in tiles. Students, faculty and staff each see different versions of the site, and individuals can customize their displays. Read more in this fact sheet posted in the IT Service Catalog.

Please send comments or questions to the IT Express Service Desk at ithelp@ucdavis.edu.