Outage Notification: Upgrade of Campus Data Network

Information and Educational Technology is preparing to replace aging ATM electronics equipment with new, state-of-the-art, gigabit Ethernet equipment in all buildings located in the core area of campus. The new equipment holds the promise of better performance for users in older facilities because of the higher speeds available on the portion of the network that interconnects buildings. It will take approximately four months (from the last week of May through the end of September) to complete the upgrade. While some service disruptions can be expected, and could last up to four hours, IET will work with campus organizations to minimize any inconvenience. The project schedule is published on the Communications Resources Web site (http://cr.ucdavis.edu/projects.cfm#net21rep). Technical representatives and building contacts will be notified by telephone and email two weeks in advance of the cutover. The cutover dates will also be confirmed 48 hours prior to the event. If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please contact Barbara Bloomfield at (530) 754-5840 or babloomfield@ucdavis.edu. To read the UCD Directive in its entirety, visit http://directives/2003/03-055.cfm.