Password Reset Process A Great Success For MyAdmissions, MyGradAdmissions Sites

The Password Reset process, first implemented in Summer 2004, has been added to the MyAdmissions and MyGradAdmissions sites and has proven popular with new applicants. The Password Reset Web application allows end users to create challenge questions--common throughout the Internet for resetting forgotten passwords--when setting up new accounts or changing existing passwords. More than 90% of undergraduate applicants setting up MyAdmissions accounts for Fall 2005 admittance have set up challenge questions. If this trend continues, most students will have challenge questions for password reset within a few years.

Another benefit to password reset is the reduction in telephone calls to the IT Express Computing Help Desk, particularly from applicants who cannot remember their passwords. Last year, IT Express received almost 3,000 contacts from applicants who had forgotten passwords. It is hoped that a decrease will be seen in IT Express? involvement in manual password reset, as more campus constituents learn how they can help themselves by setting up challenge questions in the Password Reset application.